Enclosures, Cabinetry, Shelving and other Assemblies

Assembled with YOUR Customers in Mind

We provide design and process support as well as supplier managed inventories to improve the value stream to our customer. We integrate our knowledge of lean manufacturing solutions into our production processes and will work with our customers on other lean initiatives such as point of assembly delivery. Working with our customers to provide more value added services, we utilize our manufacturing processes in machining, sheet metal and coating to provide Enclosures, Cabinetry, Shelving and other Assemblies.

An Integrated Approach to Your Manufacturing Needs

The manufacturing professionals at Advantage Metalworking and Finishing LLC understand that you may have manufacturing associations elsewhere, or that you may be keeping some steps in-house for some reason. We value your business on any level, and are happy to work with your staff or even with other manufacturers to do what we can to bring your project home on time and to your specifications throughout. The day may come however, when you decide to streamline your production pipeline by choosing a more integrated approach. When that happens, you’ll come to appreciate the efficiencies of a manufacturer who offers everything under one roof, from engineered design right up to and including the kind of finish work that your end users are looking for. Give us a call today to make us your Manufacturing Advantage.