About Advantage Metal Work: Our History

In 1999 Chet Wester started the beginning of multiple acquisitions and company moves with acquiring the assets ZAKAR which was located in Brockport. This 5000 sq ft location operated turning centers for machining. A few years later in 2001 ROCHESTER CUSTOM METAL was acquired to start fabricating large sheet metal components. The opportunity to acquire 8 more turning centers was obtained by the 2004 purchase of GENESEE PRECISION METAL in Avon.

During several years of sustained growth, more manufacturing space was needed and several expansions and moves would follow. In 2005 a 35,000 sq ft facility was established on St. Paul St in Rochester. A few years later in 2007, 15,000 sq ft was leased from THE GLEASON WORKS to house the Machining Operations.

In 2008, painting and finishing became a new service for Advantage to offer. Building consolidation of the St. Paul facility into 60,000 sq ft at the GLEASON WORKS establishes the painting operation.

Gleason’s Fabrication Operations were purchased in 2009 and ADVANTAGE METALWORK & FINISHING, LLC ( AMF ) was formed. Existing floor space was increased to 80,000 sq ft as well as acquiring Gleason’s personnel and assets. Present day floor space is 100,000 sq ft.

AMF’s mission statement is to provide high mix, low volume integrated solutions and services critical to Machining, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Final & Sub-assembly, Wet & Powder-Coat Painting.

AMF offers our customers value added with NEMA Rated and UL Listed enclosures, customized sheet-metal and machining products at the highest quality inside standard lead-times.